Cindy Butler Rasche


Sculpture and Symbols

Travel has been a vital part of my life story. Born and raised in Ohio,I earned my BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design. I also had the opportunity to live in New Orleans LA, where I had did my MFA in Hot Glass under Professor Gene Koss. In Northern Oklahoma I taught in the Fine Arts Department at Northern Oklahoma College. My home and studio are now in Houston Texas. Overseas I've lived in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Norway and Singapore. The culture and character of these places has made a great impact on my work and occasionally gave me a sense of being a stranger in a strange land. The sense of being an explorer in a vast place is reflected in my work.

My sculptures take their physical form from mud brick and adobe structures I saw while living in the Middle East and visiting New Mexico. The walls stand like barriers, which the viewer can walk around or visually pass through to the other side via the door and window openings. Other works take the form of relief sculpture. I am fascinated with the way sculpture can recreate a certain moment in time, or suggest an alternate view of reality. I often explore reality and illusion with three dimensional imagery that gradually flattens into two dimensional painted illusion.

After I build the sculpture, I carve and paint the masonry surfaces with images of landscape or symbols which relate to ancient wall paintings, rock carvings, or artifacts from ancient habitation. I am fascinated with the way ancient rock art and primitive relics communicate through time, even if it is not possible to precisely understand the original meanings. You may notice increasingly animated and personal carvings and images amongst the ancient ones. I want viewers to be drawn in by the perspective and layers to explore these special moments in time.

Cindy Butler Rasche
Picture of Cindy with her art materials and a globe in her studio